Friday, May 31, 2013

Weather Confusion

What I'm Wearing: Jeans AG Jeans | Shirt BCBG | Blazer Aqua | Heels Lumiani | Sunglasses Ralph Lauren

Alright, when I took these pictures it was clearly not during a heat wave. But, I think this outfit could be really great for a cooler summer night. This blazer is perfect for the summer because it's really light weight and I love white for summer. Although, I think it's officially time to trade in my jeans for some jean shorts instead. 

P.S. I added a search bar to the side of the blog in case you want to look for something specific. 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Off To See The Wizard

What I'm Wearing: Skirt Aqua | Tee True Religion | Shoes Sam Edelman

So as I'm sure you've noticed, whenever my one of my dogs makes it into a photo, that photo pretty much always makes it onto my blog. But when I was standing with Harley (the white one) and my dad told me we looked like Dorothy and Toto, I just couldn't resist. Even though it would have worked a little better if Bella had stood next to me since she looks more like Toto, I still love it. And I also love how I have like a little false denim on denim going on with a fake denim skirt and a t-shirt made by a denim brand. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Summer Days

What I'm Wearing: Shorts Rag & Bone  | Tank T by Alexander Wang, Similar | Shirt Aqua | Shoes Chanel | Sunglasses Jimmy Choo

The thing I love about summer is that everything is so laid back. You can just put on some jean shorts and a tank, some sunglasses and be set. A plaid shirt is a fun way to add to a simple look and still stay comfy. If it gets too hot, just tie it around your waist. Perfect for this weather which is nice one second and awful the next. And I just want to state for the record that when I have designer staples, like a Vince tee, or a T by Alexander Wang tank, I most likely bought it at Saks Off Fifth (the outlet). It's a great place to get staples like nice tees, tanks, and jeans. 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


What I'm Wearing: Jeans Hudson | Tee Vince | Shoes Chanel | Sunglasses Chanel | Watch Skagen

Getting dressed up is very fun, but somedays you just want to wear jeans and a tee. But who says you can't wear jeans and a tee and still look cute? I think it's nice to have a really simple outfit and then play up the accessories. For me, I've been really into layering my jewelry. So I have on three necklaces, one that says love, a heart, and a feather, my watch layered with two other bracelets, and my bangles on my other wrist. And of course, my new shoes, which I am completely in love with, and some sunglasses to complete the look. 

Monday, May 27, 2013

Vroom Vroom

What I'm Wearing: Jeans Free People | Shirt Rag & Bone | Shoes Ted Baker | Sunglasses Jimmy Choo | Bracelets Marc By Marc JacobsAlex and Ani | Ring Frey Wille

I am absolutely in love with my new motorcycle shirt. I also have motorcycle printed denim shorts that will be blogged about soon, and possibly even worn as a full motorcycle outfit. I can't help it I just love how cute the print is. But for today I decided to wear it with my black and white printed skinny jeans and I love how it looks. I feel like it's almost a little bit like 90's grungy with the print of the pant, but then my super girly flip flops and all my jewelry make it more modern and fun. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Clothing Above: All Asos, OverallsRomperHatNecklaceBootsOverallsSkirt

Amazing news! UNiDAYS is launching in the US with fashion giant ASOS. ASOS is already one of my favorite go-to online shopping destinations, they have an awesome range of brands, and prices. But what makes ASOS even better, is UNiDAYS which offers everyday discounts to college students. When you sign-up for UNiDAYS you get 10% off your ASOS purchase everyday and you get $5 for every friend you help sign up. Check out my top ASOS picks above, if you need a little extra convincing, but believe me, it's totally worth it. 

You can sign up for UNiDAYS here and check out what's new at ASOS here.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Take A Seat

What I'm Wearing: Shorts Aqua, Similar | Shirt Sparkle & Fade (UO), Similar | Shoes Sam Edelman

My dad takes the pictures for my blog and every time he looks for a place where he can sit and take pictures. So, while taking these pictures, I decided it'd be nice if I could take a seat too. I know you can't really tell from the pictures but these shorts are lace, if I wear them again I'll get a good close-up. I put them with my studded blouse for a kind of hard and soft look, lace and studs. And I had to wear my favorite new shoes for a pop of color.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Perfect Prints

What I'm Wearing: Shorts Clover Canyon | Tank Michael Stars, Similar | Blazer Aqua | Heels Steve Madden

I'm in love with these shorts. Seriously though, I've admired Clover Canyon's clothing for awhile, the way they mix colors and prints is unlike anything else. Unfortunately, though, the brand comes with a high price. So these shorts are all I own from the brand, but that's enough for me, for now. What I love about these shorts is that you can wear them during the day with a t-shirt and some flip flops or you can put on a blazer and some heels and rock them at night. But make sure you can walk in your heels, because as you can see in the first picture, I had some issues balancing. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Part Of The Tribe

What I'm Wearing: Jeans AG Jeans | Shirt 10th Tribe | Shoes Marc By Marc Jacobs, Similar

My first 10th Tribe purchase! I just think their clothes are so cool and let me tell you I felt pretty cool myself wearing this shirt. It was funny because I said I kinda look like I could go help fix grease lightning from the front but then from the back its like a whole different character. I put on my Marc by Marc Jacobs flip flops which are just really fun looking because of the color and the printed studs. And all my jewels keep me looking polished and put together. (I love saying jewels, if you couldn't tell)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Denim on Denim on Denim

What I'm Wearing: Jeans AG Jeans | Shirt Double Zero, Similar | Shoes Steve Madden | Watch Skagen | Ring Frey Wille

I am certainly embracing the denim trend with this outfit. I decided to put denim in every aspect of my outfit with a denim collared shirt, my favorite jeans, and, yes, even denim sandals. And, as promised, I put a close up of all my gold jewels. I'm wearing my new watch, which I am completely in love with, a bracelet my amazing aunt gave me, and my great-grandmother's bracelet. I love how the colors in the bracelet my aunt give me match my colorful rings. And I also really love how my nails match the colors in my rings too, I feel so coordinated and put together. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Into The Jungle

What I'm Wearing: Jeans AG Jeans  | Shirt Tucker, Similar | Shoes Lumiani

Alright, first of all, I'd like to apologize for the fact that all my pictures this week were taken in the dark and inside. I was being lazy and waited til the last possible time to take pictures. Next week they will once again be bright, I promise. Second, I got my hair fixed. And now onto the outfit. How cute is this blouse? My grandma bought it for me when we found it on sale at Saks. It's always nice to find something on sale, especially when it would have been way too expensive to even consider buying it if it wasn't on sale. Other than the blouse I got my favorite pair of AG Jeans and my cute black and white heels. And I am rocking all my gold jewelry because I got a new gold watch. A close-up of all my jewels will come in tomorrow's post.