Monday, June 30, 2014

Heat Wave

What I'm Wearing: Shorts Rebecca Minkoff | Tee Aritzia | Shoes Valentino

It is freaking hot outside. For me, that means the lightest layers possible, so silky shorts (especially ones with a cute print) and a lightweight tee are the obvious choice. So easy and comfortable for a super hot day. And I believe I've mentioned it before but I swear by these Aritzia Wilfred tees, simply perfect. Then there's the shoes. A definite ridiculous splurge but, oh my god, I'm just in love. Literally the shoes of my dreams, unreal. Ugh, so good. I actually found them in pink on sale while making this post so definitely check that out here.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014



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J Brand Shorts

Fashion Blogger


What I'm Wearing: Shorts J Brand | Top Addison | Shoes Proenza Schouler

I'm usually a more conservative dresser, I don't often go for things cut really low, or that show too much skin. However, from the moment I spotted this shirt I knew I had to have it. It definitely is out of my comfort zone a bit, what with the low front and the pretty much completely exposed back, but I wore it anyway and I felt so good. Even when items might not be what you're used to, you've got to admit, when you feel good, you feel good. And most times you look good as well. So, suffice it to say this shirt will definitely be worn many times this summer. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Wanted | Birthday Wishes

1 | 2  | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

My birthday may be over, but the shopping is not. I have a few dollars to spend now from some birthday gifts so now the fun really starts. Obviously I can't buy everything pictured above, but a few of these items will definitely be bought. Not sure which ones just yet, still figuring all that out. Anyway, I must confess I already got the mini Balenciaga, it was a gift from my parents (thanks!), but I had to put it on the list anyway since it was on the original birthday wish list. The rest of the items are really just a random selection of items I have my eye on.

 I've been really wanting easy dresses for the summer, so a few of those made it on the list. And even though that Anine Bing dress (number 10) is sold out basically everywhere I still put it on the list in the hopes that someone who happens to be a size xs might just return one. 

Then of course there's tons of jewelry that I'm currently pining for. Basically anything dainty, simple, or with a pearl is on the list. Then there's the Elizabeth and James bucket bag/backpack that I've been in love with for quite some time but can't quite convince myself to actually buy (I love pocketbooks as much as the next person, but how many does one really need?). 

And lastly, there had to be some shoes on the list. These Vince booties have been on my mind for a while now, one of these days I'll just go ahead and buy them. And I've given in, I'm going to buy a pair of birks, you just can't beat that comfort, plus most woman in fashion have already accepted them. 

Shop above, or below: 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Shades of Blue

What I'm Wearing: Shorts Vince | Tee Vince | Shoes MICHAEL Michael Kors | Hat Genie by Eugenia Kim

Here's a super casual and super blue summer outfit. These shorts are so comfy and are the perfect alternative to denim shorts. I am also loving hats for summer, perfect for everyday and for hanging out by the pool too. And since yesterday was my birthday (I'm no longer a teen, it's weird) tomorrow I will have some ideas for how to spend some birthday money up on the blog. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Africa | Victoria Falls

Here's the last of them. The final destination was Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe where I did many things, including ride an elephant! That's right, I rode a freaking elephant! And then as if that wasn't enough in the same day I took a helicopter ride above the falls. Oh my god, those falls are massive, just incredible, and so many rainbows. Then we got to visit a local township. It was amazing to get to see a local vegetable market and even meet the local people. Then, of course, we went to see the falls where I sported my most stylish outfit of the entire trip. Admit it, the poncho look is kind of awesome. Kidding, obviously, although it did come in handy because the spray off the falls was crazy! And then 20 hours of traveling later I was back in New York..

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Africa | Safari


I promised you pictures of animals, and I've delivered. Although it was incredibly hard trying to narrow it down, I ended up with 25 pictures. While Cape Town and Victoria Falls were amazingly beautiful, there is nothing quite like seeing these amazing animals in their natural habitat. And while on safari you are so close to these animals it is crazy. Not to mention, the lodge we stayed out was the most gorgeous place on earth, making the safari even better. So, above there is our safari vehicle, male lions, rhinos, a leopard, a lion cub, an elephant, some giraffes, a hyena, zebra, and a cheetah. And then after the jump there's just a few more of my favorite animal pictures. Tomorrow, I will be posting pictures from Victoria Falls and then next week I promise I will get back to some fashion posts. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Africa | Cape Town

AHH! Ok, sorry I haven't posted in like a week but my brain still feels a little fuzzy from jet lag and 15+ hour plane rides. But if you didn't already know I was just in Africa! And oh my god, it is actually the most amazing place I've ever been (thanks again mom and dad!). It was so amazing, in fact, that I could not fit all the pictures I wanted to share in one post. And believe me, I've cut down the number of photos significantly since I've got somewhere over 2,000 of them. 

Anyways, here are just some of my photos from Cape Town. Keep in mind it was winter while I was there, hence the NorthFace in every picture. Seriously though, Cape Town is an incredibly beautiful city. In one place you have mountains, a city, and the ocean, it's amazing. We went to Table Mountain, and the Cape of Good Hope, saw penguins (yes, there are penguins in Africa, I swear), it was just incredible. I hope you enjoy these pictures, and tomorrow I will post some more from the safari portion of my trip, so stay tuned for lions, leopards, and tons of elephants. 

Monday, June 9, 2014


What I'm Wearing: Shorts J Brand | Shirt Equipment | Shoes Proenza Schouler

So I've finally put on shorts (well actually these pictures are from Memorial Day so I gave in a while ago). And I even went swimming, kind of. Anyways, I really love these shorts because lately I'm only into wearing things that are at least slightly high-waisted so these shorts are perfect. Plus the super light wash is so awesome too. Then there's the shirt, which I fell in love with the first time I saw it and I knew I had to have it. And even though it's a regular button-down I knew I wanted to wear it open to give it a more casual feel for summer. Lastly, there's the shoes, which were basically my way of giving in to the whole slide trend without actually giving in to the slide trend, if that makes sense. But it doesn't matter anyway because now I've got my eyes on something like these, which would be really giving in. 

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Check It.

What I'm Wearing: Jeans AG Jeans | Tee Equipment | Shoes Proenza Schouler

Here's just a really simple, easy look. I love the oversized, boxy fit of this tee, it just makes it so relaxed and super easy to wear. And since Equipments shirts are pretty much the softest shirts ever they are pretty hard to pass up. Paired with a pair of ripped jeans it's the perfect casual look.