Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maxin' Out

What I'm Wearing: Skirt Similar | Tee Aqua, Similar | Shoes Steve Madden | Hand Chain Etsy | Rings Rebecca Minkoff

As you know, I love trying new trends. But the one trend I never really got into was the maxi trend. And technically I still haven't really gotten into it because I borrowed this skirt from my mom. However, I may have to get my own maxi skirt. They are just so comfy and easy to wear. I also posted a close-up of my jewelry because I got a new hand chain that I'm really excited about. I bought it from Etsy and its handmade. It's just so delicate and beautiful, plus it has a pearl on it (my birthstone) and a small feather which is customized with the letter M. Definitely check out the Etsy store in the link above. 

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