Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday

First of all, happy Fourth of July! Instead of trying to put together a patriotic outfit I figured I'd do a fun little throwback post instead. But, I did not just pick out five random pictures of me as a kid, it's much more than that. I picked out five outfits with elements that are back in style, or things I could wear today. So first, me and my sister in matching fuzzy shirt things and faux leather skirts. While whatever those shirts are should never be worn again, leather is certainly back. In the second and third pictures I am rocking overalls (along with some awesome face paint and killer dance moves), which have recently made a comeback. The fourth picture I used for throwback thursday a few weeks ago and  seriously I want that sweatshirt back. And in the last picture not only am I wearing plaid but my Uncle Michael is wearing quite the tie. 

If you want to see my more recent takes on these trends check out the following posts: leather, overalls, plaid.

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