Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Luxe Leather

Wear Me Out New York

BCBG Leather Leggings

Leather Leggings



What I'm Wearing: Leggings BCBG | Tank BCBG | Shoes Steve Madden

I love leather, it's just so luxe, and sleek, and perfect. Honestly, I would love to wear some amount of leather everyday of the week, but that would be one expensive wardrobe. So a few key pieces like the perfect leather jacket (to be debuted soon), some leather leggings and/or pants, and maybe some leather accented sweaters are all you really need. Then some good faux leather pieces can be a good addition too. These leggings are just too good though, the leather front that wraps around. Ugh, I just love clothing with those perfect details. And the shirt, a good high neck is always acceptable. 

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