Tuesday, October 22, 2013



New York City View


Black Goyard Tote

I wasn't lying when I said I had exciting things happening this week. Above are pictures of my new room! My family got a pied-á-terre (second home) in New York City and I just moved in yesterday. It's just so pretty, I look out the window every five seconds. But can you blame me? That sixth photo is the view from my room! (and it's even prettier at night) So insane. And I got to decorate which was stressful but fun. I wanted it to be very city-chic and modern and I think I succeeded. I especially love the black and gold hanging piece where I've proudly displayed my favorite jackets and boots. Harley and Bella also really love my room, they're so cute and confused they follow me around everywhere I go. And I had to throw in a picture of my new Goyard tote, it just completes the room doesn't it? 

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