Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wanted | Sport-Luxe

One trend I am really loving for spring is sport-luxe. The juxtaposition of sporty elements with classic shapes, colors, and fabrics creates a really cool and fresh look. Whether you go for an understated sport influence, such as a simple striped pant, or a more obvious one, like mesh fabrics and sneakers, you are sure to make a statement this spring. Above, I have planned out two possible outfits fitting the trend. For both I made sure to balance sporty pieces with classic elements such as a white blazer or leather pants. And yes, both outfits happen to be monochromatic as well, but that certainly does not mean you are limited in color choices when it comes to adding sporty styles to your wardrobe. If you are also a fan of this trend shop the above pieces and more below: 

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