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I would love to introduce you to, drumroll please, my new bag. It was love at first sight, and since I'm very impatient and could not wait, this bag became a Hanukkah / extremely early birthday present. And while come June I might be slightly disappointed that I blew through part of my birthday money six months prior, at the moment I could not be happier. That classic shape, the gold hardware, this is a bag that will never go out of style. Which is good, because I'm pretty sure I've blown my pocketbook budget for the rest of eternity, or until I get a really good job. Anyways, while my Saint Laurent bag is definitely always going to be the focal point of any outfit I wear it with, I am still wearing some pretty good clothes too. Like this Equipment blouse, that I found on sale! Nobody does a blouse like Equipment, and nothing is better than finding one of those blouses on sale, because they do not come cheap. 

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