Friday, September 27, 2013

Coat Crazy

Okay, so it's not quite coat season yet. But think about it, we shop for summer clothes starting around March, fall invades stores late July, and so actually I'm very behind on my coat shopping. A coat is such an important piece and yet I do not own one. However, that's going to change because I really really really want one. I own lots of jackets because they tend to be my weakness, I'm always falling in love with them. But a coat is different, it's a little dressier, more sophisticated. And I need one. Luckily, finding one shouldn't be a problem because there are tons to choose from and I put some of my favorites above. Yes, some of them are way out of my price range but they were too amazing to resist blogging them. The first one to catch my eye, that Thakoon leopard print coat, seriously, did anyone else instantly fall in love with that one? And then some plaid, some leather, and you can't have a wish list of coats without Burberry. Ugh, and that Valentino. I am seriously considering the pink and black BB Dakota one though, I normally don't do pink but that subtle pale pink is almost a neutral. Decisions, decisions.. 

And in case you forgot you can click on any of the pictures above to view where to buy them. 

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