Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Saturday Adventure and A Sunday Dream Wishlist

Alright, I know there's nothing fashionable about this, I'm wearing leggings and a tee but I had to share. My dad and I went on a hike at Buttermilk Falls in Nyack, NY, and though we got a bit lost it was tons of fun. And I do love my cute little backpack (Target) and my awesome new bright blue Nikes. 

Now onto something a bit more fashionable.

Hmm, I see a black and white trend here. I can't help it it's just so damn chic. But anyways these are items that are so beautiful and amazing and I would love to own them one day when I'm successful but for now they are far out of reach. I've been in love with the Chanel Espadrilles for a while now, that leather tip, to die for. And when I came across those amazing Chanel sneakers, the detail, no words. Yes, I'm a Chanel girl, I own nothing from them but 2 pairs of sunglasses but if I had to I could live in everything they make, so chic, so timeless, ugh. And then the blazer is French Connection. It is slightly more accessible than the Chanel shoes but still it would take some saving. But it truly is the perfect blazer, in my mind at least. So take some time to drool over these items like I have, and then tomorrow I'll tell you about the shopping gold mine I hit on Friday.

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