Monday, November 3, 2014

Music Monday | Blank Space

So I know so far I've only posted alternative music, because really that is what makes up most of my playlists lately. However, I have always been a huge Taylor Swift fan and I cannot ignore the release of her latest album, 1989. Now, I'll admit the idea of a new sound from Taylor made me a little nervous. But what can I say, that girl can do anything. She made such a solid pop album that is really everything you would ever want from the genre, it's pure perfection. So perfect, in fact, that it was difficult to pick one song to feature. It came down to this one, I Know Places, and Style, but really the whole album is amazing. I love how Taylor Swift has the ability to completely reinvent herself with every album yet can always say just what everyone is thinking in her songs. It is for that reason that there will always be room on my playlist for Taylor Swift.

Oh, and check out my new little widget on the top right. I'll be updating it every few weeks to feature a few items currently on my wish list. Right now it's all about fall essentials, so shop away.

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