Friday, August 16, 2013

Let's Talk Trends


1. Equipment
4. Hudson Jeans

Fall Style

8. Joie


9. Reiss
12. Laundry

Fall has officially invaded stores. Although we still to have a good amount of warm weather left (I feel like people forget we still wear shorts in September) most of us are ready for fall. And a new season means new trends. The ones I've seen the most, and am most excited to wear are plaid, animal print, and leather. I love the punk vibes on all the mannequins wearing plaid. Animal print is always fun. And who doesn't love leather, I know I certainly want a lot of it in my fall wardrobe. Only thing is, leather is an expensive trend. I even saw mannequins wearing cheetah print and red plaid, so amazing. I can't wait to try every combination of these fall trends. 

Above is my "dream fall closet but not going to happen because it's all so expensive" wish list. And while it's fun to stare at beautiful expensive clothing, you can check out my more affordable fall picks when you click "read more."

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